July 8th – July 29th, 2017
Fiesch, Switzerland



Summer camp – Pricing and base rates


  • 3 weeks program for CHF 12’000
    • This includes all the camp activities on site, lodging, food, snacks, etc.
    • In particular, all educational activities and courses are included
    • 10 English lessons in small groups are provided weekly
    • Weekend trips are included


  • Payment modalities
    • 50% of the total sum payable after confirmation of the admission
    • 50% (remainder of the balance) payable at the latest 40 days before the camp starts


  • Spending money and insurance:
    • 500 CHF pocket money (for individual expenses, phone calls, etc. will be reimbursed if not used), to be paid on the account, reimbursed if not used
    • CHF 350.- for compulsory accident and healthcare insurance (This covers treatment anywhere in Switzerland, in a shared room, for medical reasons. If you would prefer a private room, please ask for a special offer)



After confirmation of the admission, up to 40 days before the start of camp: CHF 2500.- penalty (non-refundable deposit)Less than 40 days before the start of camp: Full amount due

Less than 40 days before the start of camp: Full amount due













Additional modules – Pricing and base rates


  • Specific additional programs are provided and designed individually, upon the needs of the kids/ the families. Individual pricing applies, according to the specific request and situation
  • Additional modules have to be prepaid to assure the booking/ appointment confirmation
  • In case of cancellation less then 48h (two working days) but not less than 24h (one working day) prior to the appointment, 50% of the amount will be charged; in case of cancellation less than 24h (one working day) or in case of no-show, the consultation will be charged at full costs
  • Pricing is individually calculated, according to the needs of the child and the questions to be answered
  • All modules are with Swiss Professor/ Doctor/ Educational Specialist




Medical Pre-assessment (examples):


  • Medical/ neurologic assessment
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Developmental/ behavioral assessment and assessment of the speech


  • Pricing:
    • Depending on the question/ request, assessment is on an outpatient or inpatient basis
    • It might include just a medical consultation or extensive consultations, therefore pricing is variable
    • Usually, assessment starts around CHF 1000 – 1500.–




Caregiver/ Nanny program (examples):


  • Individual consultation with parents to inform them about the specificities of their child, its condition and to understand how to support the child the best
  • General knowledge but also very specific situations are targeted
  • Nannies and other people involved can be also educated, to understand the child better and to learn how to overcome delicate situations in everyday life
  • Role play can be part of the educational methods
  • Educational specialists are mainly involved in these programs


  • Pricing usually will be calculated for an educational course of several hours, depending on the specialist involved and the duration, prices vary, the program usually starts at CHF 1000 CHF,

Aftercare program (examples):


  • Key element of this program is to keep up the contact with the child and the family in order to provide continuous support
  • Skype sessions are held on a regular basis, where we recommend a fixed follow-up (after 2 weeks, then after 4 weeks, then after 1 months, if all stable then 2-3 monthly). Written report and follow-up assessment is included
  • The program will also include “concierge service” with monthly mails
  • Individualized intervals are possible
  • Remote assessment and support is also provided by mail or phone
  • Follow-up visits can be planned as needed


  • Pricing for the program is CHF 5000/ year including monthly updates by mail and 8 Skype sessions for support.
  • Individualized programs are available