• Each child is assessed before the camp to understand the child’s specific situation and needs and strengths/ weaknesses
  • The educational targets are set according to the assessment
  • The objectives are revised on a continuous basis to readjust and to “fine tune” according to the development in the camp, thus our experts provide a dynamic learning programs for each child
  • Each child will have English classes in a very private setting (usually one lesson in the morning, one lesson in the afternoon)
  • Language classes a are embedded in a highly structured daily schedule in acceptance of the particularities of these children
  • The group size is very small (usually 2-3 kids per counselor) to assure close attention and quality time with every child
  • Educational methods include among others behavioral training, drama classes, team sport activities, speech training, animal assisted therapy (e.g. with the old historic breed of “St. Bernhard dogs” which had been alpine rescue dogs more than 300 years back), yoga with an instructor specially for kids on the autistic spectrum etc.
  • All our excursions will provide lots of fun, but they will always include educational aspects, too. For instance walking with an “Alpacas” or the St. Bernhard dogs means for the children to take over responsibility, to feel the pride of guiding the animal and to grow in these moments of success
  • Parents will not be allowed to the camp (except for emergencies or very exceptional cases) to assure the child’s development