We believe in

  • FRIENDSHIP – At A.L.P.S. we facilitate social growth and help campers develop meaningful relationships with others.
  • COMMUNITY – Our community accepts, values and treats every single camper with highest respect.
  • GROWTH – A.L.P.S. Summer Camp nurtures the personal development of each camper by offering safe and supported activities for choice.
  • SUCCESS – A.L.P.S. campers are guided to positive outcomes and supported by a highly trained staff so that they can face their personal challenges and achieve set goals.
  • FUN – Most importantly, A.L.P.S. provides campers with lasting memories, new friends, and a relaxed learning environment.

Our goal for ALPS Summer Camp is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows our campers to grow and learn essential academic and life skills. Our philosophy is to provide an environment and program based upon SUCCESS. When children feel success they feel good about themselves and are open to learn and make great achievement in all areas of development.

Many of our campers come to us having experienced difficulty academically and socially. By living, learning and playing in an atmosphere of trust and respect, our staff members are able to provide guidance and feedback on learning and social interactions. This allows our campers to experience academic and social success and to take pride in their achievements.

Alongside our comprehensive evaluation, education and therapy program, we offer an exciting and challenging recreation program with specific activities that ensure fun and success for each child. Our campers thrive on structure and predictability, so groups of campers will have scheduled, supervised activities that are posted and reviewed with each child.

Campers are placed in small groups not to exceed six children with two counselors supervising at all times. This small group becomes a child’s summer “family” and is the means by which our campers improve and grow both academically and socially. Children are grouped by their gender, age and level of ability.