All our activities have an educational background. The duration of the camp of 3 weeks allows the specialists to work with the kids and to implement different methods. You find below a selection of methods offered:


  • On a regular basis:

English language courses (daily two lessons, with a total of 10 lessons per week, individual classes available on request), drama classes, music therapy, art therapy, dancing classes, animal assisted therapy, educational games, barbecues on the camp site or in different location, involvement in the daily activities with shared responsibilities etc.


  •    Half day / full day trips/ activities (weekend, examples)

Alpine trekking to a remote lake for the day, trekking with the St. Bernhard dogs, Alpacas or Lamas, scooter tours, fishing, educational tours to a cheese and a chocolate factory, excursion on the steam train in the mountains (old historic train), tour to the glacier including teaching material, etc.