Time frame:

• This program will start only after the camp, with regular follow-ups, first every few weeks, then every few months
• We recommend Skype sessions on a regular basis, with a fixed follow-up throughout the year
o after 2 weeks
o then after 4 weeks
o then after 1 months,
o if stable then 2-3 monthly
• Programs can be tailored individually



• Key element of this program is to keep up the contact with the child and the family to provide continuous support even after the camp has terminated
• We want to deepen together with your child and the family what had been experienced during the camp and want to keep working, even remotely, with the child not to loose emotional contact
• Communication methods used mainly are Skype sessions and mail correspondence
• Personal meetings can be arranged, in Switzerland or abroad
• Primarily educational specialist and psychologists are responsible if needed medical professionals will be involved
• All consultations will be followed by an email
• Remote assessment and support is also provided by mail or phone
• Follow-up visits can be planned as needed
• Educational material can be supplied as required


• Pricing for the program is CHF 5000/ year including monthly updates by mail and 8 Skype sessions for support.
• Individualized programs are available for which cost will vary and will be calculated on individual basis