• Bright and creative but in need of help navigating social situations with their peers and friends
• Shy and having difficulties making friends and being accepted
• More than others uncomfortable in new situations where it has to adopt
• Avoiding changing environment
• In need of a clear and constant structure not to face problems adopting
• Possibly not comfortable in a “regular” camp and might have had the experience of not being accepted by the other kids in a previous camp
• Eventually even been sent home from a camp before as “not able to integrate” in a regular camp
• Eventually having one of the following problems (examples):
– Facing possibly non-verbal Learning Disability 
– High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders
– Asperger’s Syndrome

In general, the children included in our summer camps are very lovely and smart, often with particular interests, but often they are said to be “quirky” and don’t fit the regular camp structures as they need more attention than normally and they are facing difficulties interacting with other kids in a normal setting