Time frame:

  • Ideally, this program can take place in parallel to the camp, without involving the child, however. The teachers and counselors will benefit from the presence of the child in the camp to understand how to support the environment the best
  • Usually, it will take few hours and can be repeated as needed or to cover further aspects



  • Is is a program to help the parents/ grandparents/ siblings/ private teachers/ nannies, in short, all those who are involved in the care taking of your child in one way or another and who interact with your child, be it on a daily or at least on a regular basis. You as a parent and the caregivers involved need to be aware of the specificities of your child and have to understand how to support it the best, which situations might be supported to the child, which situations might be a challenge for it, which situations should be avoided etc. This will allow all those involved in the education of your child to give it the best chances of success and achieving their potential.
  • By identifying specific situations to foster/ to avoid, defining “tricks” and measures for support, etc., you will learn how to promote the further social growth of your child throughout the year and how to apply behavioral therapies on a daily basis at home
  • A typical consultation with specialists might address questions like

-how to implement the therapy at home

-how to provide your child with consistency;

-how to have objective measurements to determine if a child is making progress and learning;

-how to create a daily schedule that a child can count on;

-how to reward good behavior and how to reinforce it;

-how effectively use motivation to change behavior, the appropriate reward has to be continuously varied, analyzed, and adjusted;

-how to create a safe space where your child can relax, and feel secure.

  • Role play can be part of the educational methods
  • Educational specialists are mainly involved in these programs



  • Cost will vary and will be calculated on individual basis
  • Pricing usually will be calculated for an educational course of several hours, depending on the specialist involved and the duration, prices vary, the program usually starts at CHF 1000